Terms Of Business

Please read all terms, it will only take a few minutes but will help you know what to expect.

  1. I do not use crying it out or derivatives of and will support you to provide an emotionally appropriate response to your baby’s or toddlers needs at all times.
  1. I am a trained, certified Sleep Consultant and Postnatal Practitioner. I am not medically trained, therefore I do not make medical diagnoses. 
  1. I strongly believe that good quality sleep support should be available for all . To uphold this I have strong boundaries with regards to allocation of your time. You will get the high quality support that you have paid for but not in someone else’s or my private time. I will make sure that by the end of your time that you will have all your questions answered and everything you need for the coming week/s. I never answer ‘just a quick question’ emails or texts as the answer always takes careful consideration and research into your child’s unique situation, it is never quick for me. Sometimes packages offered by other consultants include this message option and the result is an extortionate cost. There is no need for that level of contact or price if a practitioner explains things well and empowers you. 
  1. Very occasionally with a one off call or independence package you may have under estimated what you need, simply rebook what further support you need. 
  1. In some cases, I might suggest that your child visits another specialist who might be able to help with any outstanding health or behavioural issues that are not in my area of expertise.
  1. The cost of your sleep support is required before the initial consultation. If payment has not been made the consultation will not take place at that point.
  1. Cancellation policy: Sleep consultation fees are not refundable after the start of sleep work (initial zoom or in person meeting ). If you cancel at least 24 hours before your initial consultation you will be offered a full refund minus any Stripe fee for the original transaction. If you have submitted your sleep diary by then £50 will be charged for the time taken to work on it.
  1. Your details and all information shared with me will remain confidential, be kept for the duration of our work ( password protected)  and then deleted. It will not be shared with anyone else in accordance with GDPR
  1. Parents maintain and hold full responsibility for their child’s health throughout sleep work and should inform me of anything before we start work using the sleep diary or questionnaire. 
  1. Your role is important in following through the suggested work in the plan. To get the best results possible you are encouraged to take an active role in observing how your baby or toddler is getting on with the process. I do not read downloads from apps or devices- that is your responsibility . You need to be fully aware of what is going on and be able to summarise verbally what has happened with regards to sleep. These conversations lead to the most inspired solutions and are where the magic happens. 
  1.  I do not provide guarantees that I can resolve all sleep problems; you are paying for my expertise and  time, not a guaranteed result although I will do my best utmost to meet your goals. If your goals are unrealistic I will tell you immediately and together we will plan developmentally appropriate goals that you are completely happy with.   
  1. Expectations. It’s important to have realistic ones. Sustainable changed needs to happen and a baby that has woken up multiple times in the night for most of their life will not suddenly sleep overnight in a week or two. We need to be realistic. It will take steps, some of them tiring and or boring but we will achieve an improvement and most of the time meet your goals. 
  1. Illness: If you or your child becomes unwell please postpone our call or meeting as soon as you possibly can. I will do the same.
  1. Holiday, it is up to you but you may wish to freeze any support or home package calls whilst you are away. Your 8 week period of support will be extended accordingly. If I am on holiday I always know well in advance ( school aged children!) and will let you know asap.
  1. My work is gentle, respectful and baby or child led, based in science and responsive parenting, I do not use crying it or derivatives of.