NCT Baby Massage Chiswick

Baby massage is an wonderful way to connect lovingly with your baby. NCT baby massage sequences are carefully  designed for both you and your baby’s wellbeing.  This nurturing touch helps babies with colic, wind, digestion issues and  helps promote baby brain development and bonding between you and your baby by helping you communicate more effectively. The benefits of baby massage have far reaching implications for your baby lasting well into adulthood.

Did you know that baby massage can also help with sleep? We could all do with more sleep! It can help with daytime naps, soothing and getting them the best night’s sleep they possibly can for their age and stage of development.   Here’s a bit more information on the benefits of NCT baby massage

Baby massage is for all babies including those that are unwell or born early. Premature babies benefit further as the evidence shows that it can enhance their development and wellbeing according to Bliss  ( a very useful organisation for the parents of premature babies)

We have a lovely clean, warm, ground floor baby friendly venue in Chiswick, West London. Perfect if you are looking for a baby massage class and live in or near Chiswick, Hammersmith or Shepherds Bush. The baby class lasts 5 weeks and each week you will learn some new moves and their benefits whilst helping you get to know your baby a little bit more.

Please do not worry if your baby cries! It happens and never bothers anyone else, nor does it last very long in such a calm atmosphere. We also have a very useful discussion each week covering everything from sleep challenges to baby development or even finding local childcare. Ideally your baby will be aged from 4/6 weeks and over and full details will be taken beforehand so that I can adapt any moves to meet your physical needs.

The advice on baby massage oils is ever changing as research is ongoing plus everyone’s skin is different. To find out which is the most appropriate massage oil for you baby have a read here again further down the page and here

If you would like to find out more about NCT baby massage in West London please contact me at  I hope to meet you and your baby soon.

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