NCT Baby Massage Chiswick

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Baby massage is an wonderful way to connect lovingly with your baby. NCT baby massage sequences are carefully  designed for both you and your baby’s wellbeing.  This nurturing touch helps babies with colic, wind, digestion issues and  helps promote baby brain development and bonding between you and your baby by helping you communicate more effectively.… Continue reading NCT Baby Massage Chiswick

How to choose a sleep consultant?

You’ve had a dreadful night wondering how to get your baby to sleep. You’ve tried everything – advice from friends, a sleep tracker app or a best-selling book promising better sleep. Nothing works or if it does it only lasts a few days only to revert to multiple wakes, nap refusal or early morning wake… Continue reading How to choose a sleep consultant?

Discovery Call: 20 minutes


Coaching Support Package for babies over four months through to children up to four years old.


Sleep Independence package for babies over 4 months through to children under 4 years.


Baby Led Weaning Workshop for those thinking about introducing solids.


Sleep support 45 minute call for babies over 4 months through to children under 4 years.


Sleep support and education for babies under four months of age.


Child Led Potty Training Workshop for Parents for those wanting to know more about how to prepare for potty training.